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We want to give you all of the tools you need to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.  Our practitioners offer a wide variety of services including hypnotherapy, psychic readings, Past Life Regression Therapy, trauma clearing, Reiki healing, card readings, and more!


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         Within a short 30 minutes Lia was able to not only summon my ancestors forward, but validate my private experiences with them through a shared experience in real time. Lia's session gifted me clarity on deep rooted and ever present themes in my life dating back to childhood. This has freed up limitations I placed on myself due to storylines that in truth have been memories rolled over into this lifetime. Her ability to act as a guide through multiple timelines provides a deeper level of understanding needed for multi-dimensional healing.

      Kirsten is not only an amazing yoga teacher but carries  an incredible healing energy which shines through in her reiki sessions. I live all the way in Australia so I had my session with Kirsten over Skype and I was absolutely amazed with how powerful the session was regardless of the distance, I couldn’t stop talking about it all week! Kirsten’s gentle, compassionate and genuine nature creates such a beautiful space for healing and I couldn’t recommend her more!


        In half an hour Bita was able call in my guides, angels, and even departed loved ones to give me information in my highest good.  She held space in such a beautiful loving way that I didn't even know I needed! I wholeheartedly recommend a reading with Bita for anyone looking to gain clarity and direction in their life!

       Destini was able to relay insight that would have taken me months to figure out (assuming I could have been able to look at my life objectively enough to gain that insight in the first place!)  She quickly called in my spirit guides to give me specific and direct answers to every question I asked, and insight into areas I didn't even know to focus on.  She has a truly  non-judgmental way of holding space, even when your guides are calling you out! *lol*



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10% of all Cephalo profits are donated.  Donations are distributed based on Clients choosing from a list of vetted non-profit organizations.

For every borrowed practice we offer we ensure that a portion of our donations give back directly to the communities and cultures we borrow from.  

Cephalo is offering sliding scale price options for those in need who qualify for supplemental financial assistance.  We are dedicated to improving access to the spiritual marketplace for all.

Cephalo is based on a paper-free environment using digital transactions for booking, billing and waiver forms.