Divine Destini 

Psychic Medium & Certified Yoga Instructor

Divine Destini is a Psychic Medium and Certified Yoga Instructor, who is passionate about healthy and holistic living. She has been practicing Tarot since 2017, through this practice, Spirit has led her to recognize her full potential, step into her light, and live her life truly and authentically! Destini's tarot journey led her to the practice of Yoga in 2019. The art of yoga has allowed her to continuously heal and grow: mentally, physically, and spiritually. Through these practices, Destini has found purpose, passion, and confidence. She is committed to helping others raise their consciousness, through both; the spiritual guidance of her psychic mediumship and the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit through yoga. Tap into your inner knowing, start living at your highest potential,  and dive deep into your connection with your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides. Connect with Divine Destini today to see how you can further your journey of growth and elevation.