Cephalo Team

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Lia Nees 


Lia is a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Past Life Regression Therapy.  She helps you rewire neural-pathways to resolve habits that no longer serve, and replace them with a positive and powerful mindset.  She teaches how to directly communicate with the universe and with the subconscious mind as part of transforming physical and emotional blocks. She teaches each person how to connect and receive answers from their higher-self.  Lia provides a warm, comforting environment deepening transformative healing of each client. 



Kc Nicdao 


Kc is an entrepreneur with a special interest in digital marketing. She offers services on the front of social media management, advertising, web design, affiliate marketing, community growth, & several other fields. She got her start in business through the world of e-commerce and has learned valuable lessons through countless trials, successes, & failures across several online business models & niches. She is passionate about empowering business owners to share their stories with the world & live in their passions every day. Kc believes that there’s no point in a life changing product or service existing if no one knows about it- and that’s why she works hard to advocate for businesses she believes in.



Haley Meyers 


Haley Meyers is a practicing therapist who received her Master of Social Work at the University of Southern California. Haley is passionate about helping others come into their full and embodied selves using a combination of therapeutic, holistic, and intuitive approaches. Haley believes deeply in our ability to create the change in our lives we desire and is honored to witness you step into the life of your dreams!


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