Tenika Pouncie

Breathwork facilitator, Meditation Instructor

Tenika has worked as a yoga, meditation, movement meditation/dance therapy and pranayama instructor for over 15 years. She specializes in Jivan Hatha yoga, pranayama, alkalinity, herbal healing, dance therapy and spiritual alignment.  Tenika’s passion is focused on assisting clients in cultivating personal energy, dynamism and joy. Tenika is an Ifa priestess of Oshun, the universal energy of love, alignment, joy and sensuality and fertility. She teaches metaphysics, energy alignment and uses of the universal laws for the purposes of self care, a deeper connection with source, allowing more love in life and the path to enlightenment. Tenika works with clients ages 5 to 100 and is a special educator as well. Tenika has a passion for creating space for her clients and students.


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